Morgan J. Helmsly

An unfortunate apothecary.


A man of simple tastes and humble origins; Helmsly was first encountered as he was kicked out of the inn, The Black Fox. Upon questioning, it was apparent that this man was being targeted and victimized by a group of local cultists.

After a series of badly contrived choices by the party, Helmsly was ultimately abducted by the cultists he was hoping to avoid and was transported to Freeport. After weeks of near-slave labor, he was responsible for the creation of many poisons and diseases under the thumb of what is now known as the Inazarke Cult.

By the actions of the party he was finally freed from their power and now has indirectly joined the adventuring party as a supplemental supplier of potions and elixirs at discount costs.

Morgan J. Helmsly

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