Feystrike Blade

A curved broadsword.

weapon (melee)
Weight: 5 pounds Damage: 1d8 Crit: x3
Cold Iron +1 Ghost Touch Martial 1-Handed

A slightly curved blade of apparently elven make, engraving scrolls along its entire length in elven script. Peculiarly, the blade is always cold to the touch and is well bound in tooled black leather.

Beneath the hilt, a pommelstone of transparent, blue sapphire is set in a ring of cold iron. While apparently mundane when laid unattended, when grasped by an elf (or any being who is magically attuned) the stone glow very softly, flaring whenever its wielder actively incants and casts spells.

When swung at a ghost or other incoporeal being, the physical edge of the Feystrike Blade passes through harmlessly. However, it is then closely followed by a ghostly image which strikes the incorporeal being with all the force of a physical blow.

The elven inscription reads, “For the umbra that lurks on the roads less traveled.”


Acquired by Radivnal A’nari in the belly of a pirate ship while fleeing Ithenost, before this point, the origin of the blade is unknown.

Upon grasping the blade, Radivnal saw a transparent image of itself flickering around its edges, revealing its magical nature.

Feystrike Blade

Artanis Radivnal